I have always wanted to learn to ballroom dance – I was brought up on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films! – and a few years ago decided to go for it at last. A friend recommended Dancing Club LA. He said Linda was a very professional teacher and that classes were hard work, but fun. He was completely right. I was soon hooked and began taking ISTD Medal tests, taught by Richard and then Linda. I have achieved Gold standard with Honours in both Ballroom and Latin and am now working towards Gold Star 1. Linda is meticulous in her attention to detail, (though I admit I still need to be reminded of technique), very supportive and always impresses me with the way she is able to say just the right thing at just the right time to get the best from me. Her teaching really is second to none. I am at my happiest when I am dancing and have no hesitation in recommending Linda and all at Dancing Club LA

Bo Clarke
I walked into Linda”s studio the first time as a beginner with the intention of learning the slow foxtrot. Three and a half years later I have mastered 10 dances in Latin and Ballroom and am now working towards my I.S.T.D. Gold Star 1 medal. Linda has created a wonderful atmosphere at Dancing Club L.A. where professionalism and enthusiasm are mixed with patience and knowledge. It is always a great pleasure to attend Linda’s classes and it has given me a passion for dance that has shaped my life in so many positive ways. I cannot recommend highly enough Dancing Club L.A. and an evening in the company of Linda and her staff.

Bo Clarke
Tracy Thurgood
I’ve been taking Ballroom and Latin dance classes at Dancing Club L.A. for over 4 years and I’ve loved every minute of it. Sessions are fun for all as well as being packed with opportunity for the serious dancer to develop their technique. It’s been a great way to keep fit and make friends. The Social Dances are well organised and are suited to all abilities. Highly recommended.

Tracy Thurgood
Brian and Beryl
A while ago the dance center that Beryl and I used to frequent had to close. We were then were faced with the dilemma of looking further afield for another suitable venue to satisfy our needs.
Having taken our medals many many years ago we were mainly just looking for somewhere to strut our stuff and to get a little up to date tuition on new variations to improve our dancing.
Fortunately in Dance Club LA we found a place that ticked all of our boxes. We are now able to enjoy a pleasant nights dancing with expert teaching.
At Dance Club LA you can find two spacious and well maintained floors, 1 for practice and 1 for general dancing. With a great atmosphere and superb music, under the direction of Linda, she and her team give some of the finest teaching in the area with plenty of help on the side.
On top of all that there is always a warm welcome from Geoff at the door so it makes all the miles it takes for us to get there worth the hassle.”

Brian and Beryl
“I consider myself extremely fortunate in having Linda as my first and only teacher right up until I started dancing competitively. It is testament to the extremely high standard of Linda’s teaching that within 3 months of starting to compete, and with no previous competitive experience, I became a finalist at the UK Championships in Bournemouth and 4 months after that was a finalist in the British National Championships at Blackpool finishing 5th. Since then I have gone on to make both these finals for the past 3 years, and at the end of 2011 was delighted to be a finalist in the WDC World Ballroom Championships in Paris. I feel that the confidence and knowledge I received from Linda’s teaching enabled me to make this difficult transition into open competition at the highest level.

Linda is a totally dedicated and professional teacher, who shows great patience to all her students whilst maintaining the highest standards. Her expertise and attention to detail is second to none. I cannot think of a better place for anyone to embark upon their dance journey.”

“Linda is the perfect ambassador for Ballroom and Latin Dance. Her absolute dedication to her field and her professionalism in teaching all pupils at all levels is outstanding. Her attention to all of her pupils and her focus on the level of detail she teaches, especially technical skills, is remarkable. She literally takes you step by step through each of the dances, with patience, diligence and good humour. To be able to grow and develop, whilst doing something you love, is indeed a joy!”

“When I first walked into one of Linda’s classes all I could do was freestyle jive, now I have my gold medal in 8 dances. Linda is no pushover. I’m sure she has eyes at the back of her head, she is strict on good basics and posture. Linda is well known and has a good reputation in the dancing world. For me, dancing has changed my life and when a good friend recommended Linda I have never looked back. I no longer do medal tests but thoroughly enjoy the lessons and monthly dances. I can’t imagine not dancing and if anyone is thinking of learning to dance then my advice is learn from THE BEST come here. Thanks Linda for all your hard work and never ending patience.”

“Thanks to Dancing Club LA, dancing has become an important part of our lives. Linda and Geoff are very warm and welcoming to all who want to dance, from the novice to the gold star dancer.

Geoff’s friendly and ebullient nature encourages everyone to feel included right from the start.

Linda is simply a very good teacher. In classes she carefully develops interesting routines at all levels of ability. In private lessons she uses enviable patience and good humour to challenge her students to improve a little bit on what they can already do session by session. We feel that we have made a lot of progress and we are certainly much more confident about our dancing.

The classes, the dancing pratice, the parties are fun. We have made lots of friends at the club. we never imagined that we would enjoy dancing this much.

Diane and Brian Clark”

Diane and Brian
“Linda and Geoff

When I first walked into the Club almost four years ago, I was nervous and self conscious. When I walked out after my first beginners class, thanks to Geoff and Linda’s warm welcome, I knew that I would love ballroom and latin dancing. Linda’s amazing teaching style makes the group lessons not only technical but also great fun, and the social dancing afterwards has given me the opportunity to practice and to perfect all that I’ve learnt. I am delighted to have progressed from social dancing through to achieving high Honours in every medal exam up to and including Gold – all thanks to Linda’s patience and knowledge. It is also thanks to Linda, and all her hard work with me in my private lessons, that I have this year started entering Medallist Competitions where I have consistently been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in both the ballroom and latin sections and therefore qualified for the UK Grand Finals in Blackpool. I hope that with Linda’s continued help, not only will I continue to enjoy social dancing at Club LA, but will progress even further with my medal exams and competitions.

A huge thank you!”

“My name is Brian and I have been dancing socially for many years, about 13 years ago I attended a class at Gravel Hill with Linda Alex which changed my basic interest to a passion. I remember Linda having the first dance with me and showing me how easy it was to learn. Ever since then I have been attending all her Wednesday and Friday classes regularly as well as taking Private lessons. In the last 13 years Linda helped me to learn all the Latin and ballroom dances and to take my medals. It was hard for me as well as Linda as I started learning late in life and my memory was not as good, but with Linda’s help I managed to take up the ISTD examinations in both Latin and Ballroom up to and including Gold Star 2. I can honestly say that it has changed my life and help me enjoy a much healthier life style and I owe all of that to Linda. Dancing Club LA is now part of my social life that I enjoy, it also helps when friends comment on how much my dancing has improved in the last few years.”

“Neck! Hips! Ankles! Shoulders!
A dance lesson with Linda is a lesson in your body’s anatomy and will leave you feeling a little taller, a little more elegant and a whole lot happier. If you have ever even thought of dancing then you would be well advised to take up lessons with Linda Alex for an evening (or two, even three). But beware – it’s totally addictive. You will be under the guidance of the consummate professional who will offer the very best teaching possible and who will do whatever it takes to get even those with two left-feet gliding effortlessly across the ballroom. More importantly, Linda provides all this expertise with a real sense of warmth and humour making every lesson a pleasure as well as an education. I cannot recommend Dancing Club LA enough. Wednesday’s lesson has become the highlight of my week and as well as having been taught how to jive, waltz and cha-cha cha, the pounds have dropped off, my posture has improved and there is a real spring in my step … Should that be with a heel lead, Linda?”

“We started dancing at Dancing Club LA in 2005 and never guessed how much ballroom dancing would take over our lives! In the beginning we couldn’t dance at all, but Linda’s excellent and very patient teaching has gradually enabled us to feel very comfortable on the dance floor and to get several dance medals. We love coming for our twice weekly dance practice and our weekly private lesson, and the monthly social dances are great fun.

Thank you Geoff and Linda for providing us with this wonderful addition to our lives.

Anne & Mark Bullock”

Anne and Mark
“We have been dancing at Dancing Club LA for the past 5 years, having started as absolute beginners and now reached silver medal level. This is due to Linda’s professionalism and dedication. Linda is always there to guide and correct a misplaced step. As well as the teaching, we have made a new circle of friends and dancing has become a part of our lives.

We also really enjoy the social dance events organised by Linda and Geoff on a regular basis. They go to great lengths to make them enjoyable evenings where we can practise all our routines as well as socialising with our friends.”

Claudio and Francesca
“We have been attending Dancing Club LA some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed every second of the experience.

Linda is a lovely person and a consumate professional, who takes great pride in everything she does and inspires her pupils to reach their full potential.

We have learnt so much and have also made so many new friends at the school. Dance has now become a big part of our lives – Thank you Linda!”

Paul and Mariella Mansi
“I have dancing for almost 3 years and have been to various classes. Linda is by far the best and professional dance teacher I have ever met and her classes are great and inspiring. I have made so many friends, it’s like being a part of another family.”

“We have been dancing with Linda and Geoff for a number of years. Linda successfully teaches mixed ability classes. She keeps everyone on board and we can dance at our own level. Linda is cheerful and patient inspiring us to achieve levels of dancing tht seemed impossible a short time ago. The Ballroom, Sequence and Latin dacing is good exercise and much more fun than the gym. Geoff and Linda accommodate couples and singles in their classes and have able assistants, who can dance both the man’s and woman’s steps, to help during the dance classes and the general dance sessions. The monthly dances, weekly classes and general dance sessions are social occasions. Linda and Geoff are an excellent team and we are grateful to them for sharing their passion for dancing with us and enriching our lives.

Thank you Geoff and Linda for providing us with this wonderful addition to our lives.”

Sheila and Richard
“I have found Dancing Club LA to be a great place to learn to dance. There is a friendly atmosphere, an adults only environment, you don’t need a partner to attend and surprisingly an equal number of both males and females seem to come most weeks. The large dance floor at the school is the best around and each evening there is a good balance of structured learning followed by social dancing and practice. Once a month they also hold a dance party night.”

Colin Dennis

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